Wisborough Green Beekeepers Association

a Division of West Sussex Beekeepers Association

Summer Meetings

These are usually at our teaching apiary, where we have a large number of colonies for demonstration purposes. Scheduled meetings are normally held every third Saturday, with evening meetings every third Wednesday. This suits those who can't make Saturday. There is an opportunity to talk "bees" and purchase equipment after meetings. There will be separate dates for the "Preliminary" group, see "Tuition".

Saturday Meetings during the active season are at 1:30 p.m. for a prompt start at 1:50 p.m. These may have presentations on a variety of topics that may be relevant to the time of year, condition of the bees or national/international issues. These may be to all attending or to small groups. Some topics will be repeated on a regular basis.

Wednesday Meetings start at 6.00PM. If you turn up late please see the Apiary Manager to be allocated a group. There may be occasional presentations.

ad hoc meetings and those called outside the active season may start at different times and could be on Sundays. Notification, which may be at fairly short notice will be emailed if possible. Please check the list below and your emails regularly for details.

Equipment can be purchased during meetings. A price list is included with each newsletter. Please order several days prior to the meeting with Tom Moore email Tom or phone 01798 343 470, so Tom can prepare your order.

Making hives under instruction
Making hives under instruction

We often have special interest meetings organised at short notice. These will be displayed on the diary below and sent round by email. Please log on regularly to avoid missing anything.

Please check regularly in case dates or arrangements are changed. Short notice changes are possible due to weather, the condition of the bees and the fact we are all volunteers and may have things crop up unavoidably.

We have several approved Demonstrators, allowing us to give tuition in groups or on a one-to-one basis depending on the need.

The apiary is closed between meetings, and nobody should visit without the permission of a Committee Member.

When visiting the apiary can all visitors please share transport where possible. Please park in a sensible manner and be aware the grass verge by Skiff Lane can become muddy in wet weather.

Winter Meetings

Are held in several different venues. Please check in the newsletter, emails and this website.


To help reduce the carbon footprint, traffic on the roads and pressure on parking space, we ask members to share vehicles if possible when attending meetings. Please get to know local beekeepers and share transport. You may find there are other benefits too!

Please see individual entries for times and themes. We are a progressive group and often change details or add meetings as circumstances dictate, so keep a check on this diary. Relevant dates of events not organised by us are also posted in italics. Please check elsewhere for details.

During the season there may be some ad-hoc meetings that will also be posted here and e-mailed.

Please check regularly for alterations and additions.