Wisborough Green Division

West Sussex Beekeepers Association

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If you need any help or information, please contact any of the following who would be pleased to help you.

Roger P


Roger Patterson
Tel: 01403 790 637
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Roger started beekeeping in 1963 and is our senior demonstrator. A very serious man who is often the subject of everyone else's humour. He is seen here as the well known auctioneer at WSBKA Bee Market and Auction. He is usually accompanied by his dog Nell who is probably the best known dog in beekeeping. That's him kicking his old dog Meg who died in January 2013.
Graham Elliott


Graham Elliott
Tel: 01403 752 493
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Graham Elliott has kept bees for several years and is one of our demonstrators. He is also Secretary, Webmaster and Auction organiser of West Sussex BKA.
Gordon Allan

Vice Chairman

Gordon Allan
Tel: 01798 343470
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Gordon started beekeeping in 2006 and keeps around 20 colonies in partnership with Tom Moore. He likes watching Tom take high swarms. Gordon has passed a number of BBKA modules.
Sue Elliott


Sue Elliott
Tel: 01403 752 493
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Murray West


Murray West
Tel: 01798 867048
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Murray has bee a beekeeper for a number of years, keeping his bees in an out apiary close to his home. He is one of our demonstrators.
Gordon A

Membership Secretary

Richard Gibby
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