Bee Health Day
Bee Health Day

Wisborough Green Beekeepers Association

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About this site

The purpose of this website is to help those who are interested in bees and honey to quickly find the information they need. There are many other websites where general beekeeping information can be found and there is no point repeating it here. For information about beekeeping we suggest Dave Cushman's website, that is considered to be the worlds most comprehensive beekeeping website.

If you live within reach of Wisborough Green, are interested in bees and would like to find out more, or are already a beekeeper and looking for a friendly group who share the same interests, then you will find the information you need here.

We invite you to press the buttons on the left to find out about Wisborough Green BKA and the teaching we provide.

At Wisborough Green BKA we enjoy our beekeeping and we want you to enjoy our website. Please try it!

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